How did the representative start the company?

(1) My experience in my hometown, Yubari City, Hokkaido, was the trigger.

In 2007, Yubari City’s finances collapsed.
My father retired from Yubari City Hall under the early retirement program. I started my business in Yubari City in 2016 with a U-turn. That’s where I felt the collapse of healthcare.
The maximum number of beds at the hospital in Yubari was 171, but with the financial collapse, the number of beds was reduced to 19.
It’s a 40-minute drive to the next town, and acute patients will not be able to make it in time.
This was the reality.
Then I thought, why not use the IoT to prevent people from getting sick or becoming seriously ill? I was convinced that making this happen would save the world in the future.

(2) My experience with congenital renal artery stenosis.

When I was in junior high school, my blood pressure was found to be abnormal with my highest blood pressure over 180 and lowest blood pressure over 100.
Initially, the cause was unknown and my arm was tightened every day with cuff blood pressure morning, noon and night.
It was a very painful experience, both physically and mentally, as it affected my life.
In addition to the pain in my arm when the cuff is tightened, I asked myself that was I eating poorly? Is it a genetic abnormality? And it was really painful to see faces of my parents as they apologised to me.
If we could at least make the measurements easier, it would alleviate the physical and mental strain! If blood pressure had been controlled by constant measurement, the range of action would have been increased. This was the event where I felt that constant blood pressure control in people with high blood pressure could save lives.

Profile of the Main Members

Kazuma Kato

Invited as a teacher to join the Transdisciplinary Program for Biomedical Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine.
Engaged in the PM of a major mission-critical system at Intec, Inc.
Later, he was co-chair of the Japan School of 
Policy Making.

He served as CIO of Green Ship, Inc.
He is also a director of the NPO Yubari Tourism Association and a member of the Yubari Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Junichi Yamagishi

Former technical officer of the Ministry of Transport (present Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport). After submitting his resignation, he worked for his family’s wireless equipment development company to make discrete components practicable for mobile phone digitalization. Engaged in conception, design, manufacturing, and sales at an amusement facility management system company.

Atsushi Komata

Graduated from Shibaura Institute of Technology (Department of Electrical Engineering). He was engaged in the development of home TVs at Sony Corporation for six years, launched the TV business at Uniden Corporation for three years, and then led the Portable Navigation Device business as division manager for two years. After that, he started his own company, Omnibit Corporation.

Shouzen Ryu

Graduated from Tongji University (College of Electronics and Information Engineering). He has worked as a system engineer and experienced success with various system development projects. He is working on solving the world’s problems by developing web, application, sensor and other IT-based systems.