1. Reducing the burden of children having to stick needles in every day

--Research and development of non-invasive blood glucose sensors--

The world’s first non-invasive blood glucose measurement sensor under research utilizes our proprietary technology to eliminate the need for invasive blood glucose measurement.

Quantum Operation supports the activities of Japan IDDM network.

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Quantum Operation Inc. is included in the list of the ten most innovative projects by Medtronic

Quantum Operation Inc., a Tokyo-based healthcare IoT startup, has been selected as one of the ten finalists, out of 323 companies that applied for the Medtronic APAC Innovation Challenge (MAIC). Launched by Medtronic, the global leader in healthcare technologies, the innovation challenge seek to identify promising start-ups the can address pressing healthcare needs in the region via their innovative technologies. We will now move on to the final pitch event in March, and strive to advance healthcare innovation around the world and promote our goal of “IoT sensors to reduce the burden on patients and realize a society where diseases do not occur and do not become serious. – Non-invasive blood glucose sensor capable of continuous measurement We will introduce a sensor that makes it possible to acquire blood glucose level in a non-invasive manner, which has been considered difficult in the past, by making full use of LED sensors and photodiodes. Our original spectrum stabilization and noise reduction technologies enable highly accurate and reproducible data acquisition. We have succeeded in capturing changes in blood glucose levels before and after …

Wristband tracks before & after-meal glucose level changes

Quantum Operation to Showcase Noninvasive Glucometer Wristband for Continuous Monitoring at CES Unveiled and CES 2022 Monitoring sensor is capable of recording pre- & post-meal glucose level changes. LAS VEGAS (Dec. 28, 2021) — At CES® Unveiled (Jan. 3), CES 2022 (Jan. 5-8) and Showstoppers (Jan. 5), Quantum Operation Inc., a Tokyo-based healthcare IoT startup, will present the world’s first noninvasive glucometer in the form of a wristband that is capable of nonstop monitoring. The device, which uses the company’s patented spectrum sensing technology to accurately measure glucose in a person’s bloodstream through the skin, eliminates the need — and pain — of daily needle use for diabetic patients. The company is also adding a new function to the device to monitor changes in pre- and post-meal blood glucose levels — an important indicator for diabetic patients to keep track of to prevent progression of the disease. Quantum Operation’s technology won a CES 2022 Innovation Award in the “Health & Wellness” category. “Although checking one’s blood glucose level both before and after a meal is important, that adds to patients’ …

We exhibited at CES2021 and received responses from all over the world.

Quantum Operation Inc. exhibited at CES2021, the world’s largest technology trade show, from January 11 to 13, 2021. At CES2021, the first time All Digital was held, we exhibited a prototype of the world’s first non-invasive continuous blood glucose sensor. We have received a far greater response than we expected, including patients and their families from all over the world who are suffering from daily needles, as well as business companies and investors. We have also been featured in various media around the world. We have received a large number of submissions, so it is not possible to cover all of them, but the main ones are as follows. Nikkei Inc. FT (FINANCIAL TIMES) Engadget.com: Awarded Best of CES finalist Android Authority: Awarded Best wearable innovation PHANDROID: Awarded Best of CES 2021 awards GIZMODO MakeUseOf.com Following CES2021, we have reaffirmed that non-invasive blood glucose sensors are a technology that is attracting global attention, and we all feel a sense of mission to provide these sensors as soon as possible. Kazuma Kato CEO Quantum Operation Inc.

Wearable 24/7 glucose monitor (nonstop, needleless) at CES 2021

Quantum Operation’s CES Exhibit to Showcase the World’s First Glucose Measuring Wristband that Enables Truly Nonstop Monitoring Health tech startup will also present a nonstop oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring wristband. TOKYO (Jan. 10, 2021) At CES 2021 (Jan. 11-14, online), Quantum Operation Inc., a Tokyo-based healthcare IoT startup, will present the world’s first noninvasive glucose monitor that is capable of truly continuous measurement. The company’s patented spectrum sensing technology enables the monitoring sensor to accurately measure glucose in a person’s bloodstream through the skin while being worn around their wrist. This monitor eliminates the need and pain of daily needle uses for diabetic patients. During CES, Quantum Operation will also showcase its oxygen saturation measuring sensor (SpO2) that can be worn around the wrist. The key to achieving this noninvasive 24/7 monitoring are Quantum Operation’s core technologies that include the novel spectrometer materials one of which is designed to emit an optimal spectrum, and another that is highly responsive to target spectra as well as the innovative firmware that efficiently extract targeted data by canceling noise. These technologies can be …

Listed as a participating start-up company in Saitama Sports Start-up (SSS)

Quantum Operation Inc. is listed as a participating start-up company in the 2020 Saitama Sports Start-up (SSS, sponsored by Saitama Prefecture and Saitama Industrial Development Corporation). Participating start-up companies in the 2020 Saitama Sports Start-up (SSS) http://www.pref.saitama. lg.jp/a0803/sogyo-files/sss.html Quantum Operation Inc. is working on the themes presented by Urawa Red Diamonds. We would be happy to report details of our collaboration with them as well as their progress in the future. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)