Quantum Operation Inc. is included in the list of the ten most innovative projects by Medtronic

Quantum Operation Inc., a Tokyo-based healthcare IoT startup, has been selected as one of the ten finalists, out of 323 companies that applied for the Medtronic APAC Innovation Challenge (MAIC). Launched by Medtronic, the global leader in healthcare technologies, the innovation challenge seek to identify promising start-ups the can address pressing healthcare needs in the region via their innovative technologies.

We will now move on to the final pitch event in March, and strive to advance healthcare innovation around the world and promote our goal of “IoT sensors to reduce the burden on patients and realize a society where diseases do not occur and do not become serious.

– Non-invasive blood glucose sensor capable of continuous measurement
We will introduce a sensor that makes it possible to acquire blood glucose level in a non-invasive manner, which has been considered difficult in the past, by making full use of LED sensors and photodiodes.
Our original spectrum stabilization and noise reduction technologies enable highly accurate and reproducible data acquisition.

We have succeeded in capturing changes in blood glucose levels before and after eating. It has been difficult for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring to follow this rapid change. We are the only company that has been able to demonstrate this with data.

In addition to reducing the burden on diabetics, this solution can also be used to monitor the progress of diabetes, prevent hypoglycemia, and reduce obesity by capturing changes in blood glucose levels over time.

– About MAIC (Medtronic APAC Innovation Challenge)
MAIC is an opportunity to deliver innovative healthcare technology solutions for APAC through a collaboration with Medtronic, leveraging its’ regional footprint and commercial infrastructure. The challenge will scout for innovative solutions within four categories that will drive the advancement of Healthcare Technologies in APAC. The categories are: Life Transforming Technologies, Better Outcomes for All, Experiences that Put People First and Insight Driven Care. For more information, please visit