1. Patient Monitoring Technology NEMURIE

NEMURIE, a 24-hour automated health management system, can detect body movements (including heart rate, breathing, coughing and sleep quality as reference data) .

NEMURIE supports monitoring the status of symptoms of the new coronavirus COVID-19

Protecting Health Care Workers from the New Coronavirus

Benefits of Smart Care Systems


使用方法2: 複数患者への24時間自動モニタリング

Support for monitoring the status of symptoms of the new coronavirus

Coughing Tossing and turning in bed Nodding Shivering
With this function, each symptom can be detected even for patients who are unable to move.

2. Preventing Severe Pneumonia, a Drowning Affliction

--Development of wrist-watch-type SpO2 sensor / heart rate, respiration and body movement sensors--

IoT sensor detects vitals related to respiratory diseases
・Used to screen patients with sleep apnea syndrome (SAS).
・Used for prevention of interstitial pneumonia, a side effect of anticancer drugs.
・Used to prevent the spread and severity of COVID-19 infection.
*Preparing for medical device application