About the Company

Company Name Quantum Operation Inc.
Representative Kazuma Kato
Establishment October 26, 2017
Capital Stock 100,000,000 JPY (As of June 30, 2020)
Location Y’s Building 2F, 1-2-13 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Number of employees 22, including executives and contract workers (As of June 30, 2020)
Directors Akira Ikeda, Masanao Takase, Sumitaka Maruyama, Hideya Nishimura
Auditor Takeshi Yoshida
Advisors Hironami Kubota (Formerly Nihon Kohden),
Kunihide Ichikawa (Formerly Astellas Pharma Inc.),
Kenji Sumi (Formerly Astellas Pharma Inc.),
Dr. Susumu Kuwaki (Mayus Corporation CEO)
Shareholders Taisho Pharmaceutical Co.,
Alfresa Corporation,
Tomita Pharmaceutical Co. and more
Corresponding Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,
Nihonbashi Branch and more
Legal Advisors AZX General Law Office; Uchida & Samejima Law Office
Business Alliances and Business Partners Xunlong Software (Shenzhen and Dongguan, China),
Mayus Corporation,
Chiba University of Science,
Showa University Hospital,
enstem Inc.,
Frog Company Inc.,
Comic M.E. INC.,
Ococias Kyoto AC, and more.

History of the Company

October 2017 Established
October 2017 Business partnership with Xunlong Software (Shenzhen and Dongguan, China)
November 2017 Began the vital data acquisition IoT sensor business.
August 2018 First prototype of the first IoT sensor for acquiring vital data completed.
January 2019 Kunihide Ichikawa was appointed as an advisor.
March 2019 Have commenced third-party allotment of shares through equity crowdfunding.
March 2019 Business partnership with Frog Company, Inc.
July 2019 Business partnership with Tomita Pharmaceutical Co.
November 2019 Business partnership with Taisho Pharmaceutical Co.
January 2020 Business partnership with Alfresa Corporation.
January 2020 Hiro Kubota appointed as an advisor.
February 2020 Start of joint research with Chiba University of Science.
May 2020 Business alliance with Mayus Co.
June 2020 Business partnership with enstem, Inc.
June 2020 Toshiyo Tamura appointed as an advisor.
June 2020 Business partnership with Ococias Kyoto AC.
June 2020 Pre-release of the Heat Stroke Prediction System.
July 2020 Selected to represent Japan at the Global Innovation Forum in Osaka 2020 (GIF).
August 2020 Completed registration of medical device manufacturing business.
September 2020 Obtained medical device certification for Heartbeat, Respiration, and Body Movement Detection Sheet Sensor.
November 2020 Appeared in Nikkei Digital Health: Japanese companies are taking on the challenge of Wearable Medical Devices and creating a new market on the strength of the accuracy of their devices.
November 2020 Listed as a participating start-up company in Saitama Sports Start-up (SSS).
December 2020 Participated in Healthtech/SUM 2020.
December 2020 Participated in a Study Group on Forming Rules for a Harm Reduction Lifestyle.
December 2020 Obtained Type II Medical Device Manufacturing and Sales License.
January 2021 Exhibited at CES2021. Elected as “Best of CES2021 finalist” by Engadget.com
April 2021 Appeared in Forbes Japan.
June 2021 Started joint research about “VINSTA” with AstraZeneca.
June 2021 Exhibited at Arab Health 2021.